Gillian Gibbes


Toronto - Canada

Footprints Photography wedding photographs featured in
The National Post newspaper Monday, June 6, 2005
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Artwork Exhibitions

Praxis Gallery - May 2006

Insomnia Cafe - August 2004

Desinee Art Gallery - 1995

Ryerson Gallery, Art at 80 - May 1995

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About the Artist

Born and raised in Scarborough (a large town within Toronto, Ontario, Canada), I was fascinated with photographs as they related to the music business. As I sat in my basement listening to my favourite musicians, I would stare at the album covers and protective sleeves - yes, they were vinyl records back then - and imagine the pictures I would have come up with to represent the album instead.
I lost myself in daydreams of becoming a singer and guitarist for a good many years...always paired with imagery, but it hadn't occurred to me to pursue photography as a profession.
It wasn't until my highschool built a professional grade darkroom and created a photography class that I was reunited with my thoughts of being the creator of images. It became obvious I had found my true calling.
Travel was always a big part of my life (my mother worked for an airline), and as I became educated about art and photography, I found myself disinterested in the snapshots we took of our travels just to aid memory. I had always been
detail-oriented in my vision and wanted others to notice the little things I would notice, so they could experience the trip through my eyes, instead of through verbal stories as we pointed to some vague shot of the area we were in.
I hadn't realized that I already knew which avenues within the photographic field I wanted to pursue, so I enrolled in Ryerson University's Still Photography program, and achieved my Bachelor of Applied Arts degree in 1996. I had come full circle there, right back to the desire to shoot band portraits and interesting album cover artwork. I decided to approach all of my portrait work with the notion of shooting my subjects as if for a magazine spread or CD liner booklets, and treat my travel work as paintings, to keep my own interest in the images I create.
I've found my niche in the photography world, but I don't pigeon-hole myself into any one direction, I have many
different interests. I love searching for compositions worthy of hanging in my living room; I think family portraits should look just as engaging as your favourite painting; I love weddings, I love babies, I love pets and musicians etc. ... I want to leave my mark on the world by helping others leave theirs. 

The addition of Make-up Artistry to my resume is a childhood dream come true.  I was a practice "model" for my neighbours, coming home for dinner, at the age of 8, in full-regalia hair and make-up, ready for the red carpet!  Then, in my 20s, one of my University friends began working for MAC Cosmetics, making me a "MAC Addict", and inspiring my love for the art of Make-up.  I then took private lessons and have been having the time of my life as a budding Make-up Artist! 

It is all for the love of imagery.

Gillian Gibbes
Footprints Photography