From some of our Make-up, Portrait and Gallery customers.

Make-up Artistry

"What I LOVE about your artistry, Gill, is that you actually LISTENED to what I wanted, and DELIVERED!  It was like you READ MY MIND!  I had gone through 3 other make-up artists, and was very unhappy with the results.  They just did what THEY wanted, and it was too much for me.  Thank you for making me ME on my wedding day!"

-- Stephanie S. Toronto, Ontario

"My makeup was great yesterday! I loved it and (my husband) was very happy. If I was a movie star I would hire you as my personal make-up artist! :)"

-- Allison J., Thornhill, Ontario

"Oh great!  I still look like ME, but with a little make-up on, just like I wanted."

-- Allison R., Gabriola Island, British Columbia

"Great job, Gill!  She still looks like the woman I proposed to."

-- Kevan H., Gabriola Island, British Columbia

(after seeing the photos):

"Thank You, thank you, thank you!!!!!  You did such an amazing job on the makeup.  I looked so amazing (my favourite word of the moment)."

-- Allison R., Gabriola Island, British Columbia

"I loooove this make-up!  Thanks to you, I went to MAC (Cosmetics) today and spent a small fortune... and now im having fun :) yay!"

-- Robyn S., Brampton, Ontario

"Wow!!!  I look great, Gill!!!!  Luuuuuuuv my make-up! My girlfriend thought it was great too!"

-- S. Lee, Toronto, Ontario

"Just wanted to let u know I had a great time, and I LOVED the

-- Jessica K., Toronto, Ontario


"We are off to see (my new husband's) side of the family this coming weekend and we have all the (wedding) pics ready and waiting to show off. We are soooo happy with them Gill, you did great work. Keep me posted on what is new and exciting. Miss ya. kahley xoxox"

- Kahley M., Whitby, ON

"I LOVE THEM ALL!!  Hard to choose!"

- Tracy L-C, Etobicoke, Ontario

All of the agencies LOVE the portrait of my daughter that YOU shot best, even their photographers choose it to represent her at auditions!

--C. Fisico, Thornhill, Ontario

My new husband and I were saying it was too bad we didn't have you stay for the (wedding) reception, our guests all LOVED you and your assistant, so we thought you would have had a great time! You could have relaxed and unwound with us.

--C. Bourne, Ajax, Ontario

You guys have been a Godsend! We really want to thank you for all your hard work (shooting our wedding). Everything went off schedule, but you were prompt and friendly and made our day fun.

--C. Pasten, Ajax, Ontario

My husband LOVED the custom framed portraits of our sons & me! The first words out of his mouth were "Where are we going to hang them?"...they were up within 30 minutes!

--D. McIntyre, Oakville, Ontario


I feel a real connection to the photographs we purchased from Footprints Photography.  We bought "Porta, Assisi" in Italy, and an interior shot of an antique table with a statue and an antique clock arranged on it. The "Porta" (door) photo evokes the same feelings I had when we were in Europe, wondering what was behind them, delighted when a door opened and we could glimpse into the courtyard at whatever was there--beauty or blight. I sort of felt that Europeans offer the many pleasures of their countries to visitors, but the real Europe is behind those doors, and that's what I see when I look at that photograph!

When friends see the interior shot, they tell me it "looks like" me, and that's how I feel about it, too! I appreciate that we are sharing your vision of the subjects you have chosen, the compositions you choose and the way you prepare and present the finished product (custom framed and matted). We display your photographs prominently and I'm always pleased when visitors admire them too!

--N. Wyllie, San Mateo, California

Shipped Artwork

"Pinocchio" arrived today at 4:00 p.m. and we are very pleased with him. He adds just the right touch of whimsy to the group and I know my guests will be impressed. You did a perfect job of matching the size, the mats (including the liner mat) and the frame with our other 2. There is a little more color in Pinocchio than in the other two, but it is subtle and matches the mysterious mood of the group. I love it. He looks right at home in the middle, which was an excellent suggestion from you. Perhaps, when I get some Polaroid film, I can take a picture of the pictures and email it to you so you can see him in his new home! Thank you for your meticulous attention to our order.

--N. Wyllie, San Mateo, CA